Sweet Satisfacion Creative Cake Design - Nicole

My aim is to give you the perfect centrepiece for your perfect day

Where my story began

Sweet Satisfaction is a vibrant and creative cake-making company, based in the South West of England, providing beautifully handcrafted cakes which are individually tailored to suit each client.


The company is owned and run by myself, Nicole Sexton. I have a passion for cake making and decorating, specialising in beautiful sugar craft work and novelty cakes.


I am also a trained pastry chef, and originally from South Africa, where I trained to a high standard in cake icing and floral art. I left South Africa as a Chef de Partie in 2005 and have since worked in the UK as a pastry chef at a prestigious four star establishment, before deciding to make Sweet Satisfaction my full time obsession!

My standards could not be higher

All of my figurines and floral sugarcraft work is hand crafted, individually and uniquely designed just for you. I absolutely love this part of my job!


I have won many awards for my work in the catering industry and I am always striving to improve my craft. I uphold extremely high standards and will do my very best to ensure that you receive a stunningly beautiful cake, whatever the occasion!


Your special celebration is special to me too – I would love to provide you with the cake of your dreams!

A few words about my wonderful friend and business partner, Rachel

For those of you that don’t know, when Sweet Satisfaction first started it was run by both myself and my close friend Rachel (pictured). We were the best of friends, as well as business partners. Very sadly Rachel was diagnosed with Cancer in 2018. She put up a tremendous fight for over a year but, devastatingly, she passed away on the 6th July 2019. Rachel left behind an 8 year old son and a wonderful husband. 

Sweet Satisfaction would not exist without Rachel - she and I were very much a team. She wasn't just my business partner but the other half of me, my wonderful friend who I miss every day.

I miss her working alongside me tremendously, it never goes away, but I would like my customers to know that I continue to run the business in Rachel's honour - with the same exacting standards.


I would also like to sincerely thank my clients - past, present and future - who have, and will be, such a pleasure to work with. Rachel was very proud of what we achieved together, I plan to continue to make her proud and I thank you for all your support.


Nicole x